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Live Podcast From DrumFIT Island || SHAPE Boston 2017

Welcome to another DrumFIT® Podcast! Today we have a special Live recording from the SHAPE America Convention in Boston (March 14-18, 2017). This year we converted our booth into "DrumFIT® Island", complete with lounge chairs, Koozie pool, photo booth and Tiki bar - where we recorded this podcast! We covered several exciting topics during this live episode, including SHAPE, our new Curriculum, our new DrumUNIT program, our partnership with IHT Texas and District partnerships. Watch the video below to see footage from the "DrumFIT® Island" Happy Hour party, our awesome photo booth, our demo with IHT and more!

(If you would prefer to listen to the audio version of this podcast, you can find it at the bottom of this page or by visiting this link:


Jenny and A.J. broadcast LIVE from DrumFIT Island at SHAPE Boston 2017!

---------- Table of Contents ----------
Live from Boston: 00:00
Curriculum: 00:45
DrumUNIT: 03:51
District Partnerships: 05:05
IHT Partnership: 06:11
Happy Hour: 07:46

---------- Show Links -----------
SHAPE America:
IHT Texas:
The DrumFIT® Website:



---------- Audio Table of Contents ----------
Intro: 00:00
Live from Boston: 02:46
Curriculum: 03:30
DrumUNIT: 6:36
District Partnerships: 07:51
IHT Partnership: 08:57
Happy Hour: 10:30

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