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DrumFIT Aligns with ASCD's Whole Child Initiative

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) created the Whole Child initiative with the purpose of “promoting the long-term development and success of all children”. Through focusing on five key points, the ASCD hopes to “raise academic achievement and improve learning”.  DrumFIT has modeled its school program and curriculum after this model for many years.  We strongly believe that there are many factors that contribute to the health, wellness and academic success of every child.  Below we outline how DrumFIT can impact each area of the whole child approach.


    • Create a curriculum that supports a positive attitude towards a lifetime of love for fitness while teaching important fitness knowledge, behaviors, and skills.
    • Healthy teachers inspire healthy students, so we will continue to provide DrumFIT professional developments that inspire, inform and encourage the use of our program for staff-wellness and family fitness nights.
  • SAFE
    • DrumFIT provides an outlet for all children to safely explore social-emotional skills, including effective listening, problem-solving, and personal reflection.
    • We also provide age appropriate and challenging curriculum with understandings of child growth and development as the backbone of our content.
    • Engagement is one of our big focus points at DrumFIT. It doesn’t matter how good your lesson is if no one is paying attention.  We combine a fun, non-competitive activity with the latest music to inspire and engage kids of all ages. DrumFIT is an inclusive activity that everyone can enjoy together, regardless of their ability.
    • Age appropriate curriculum allows each student to work at their own intensity and improve their personal fitness levels and work towards personal goals. All DrumFIT instructors are professionally trained and qualified to provide quality instruction.
    • Students are continually challenged by DrumFIT’s constantly changing curriculum. Every month new routines and songs are introduced so we keep students on their toes and moving to brain-igniting complex drumming patterns.  It really is a brain to toe work out!
    • New music and content monthly is the key to keeping your DrumFIT program sustainable. Furthermore, we are continuously working with our university research partners and current members to develop ways to constantly improve our programming.

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