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McAllen ISD - DrumFIT's Newest District Partner

Mario Reyna, McAllen ISD's Coordinator for Health & PE, discusses why he put DrumFIT into all of his elementary and middle schools and how he received funding to make it happen.

"DrumFIT has been on our McAllen ISD’s radar for a number of years. I first heard about DrumFIT from other Health & Physical Education Coordinators at the Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (TAHPERD) Convention a couple of years ago. When I was first exposed to DrumFIT, it was a no-brainer – I needed to figure out how we could bring DrumFIT to McAllen ISD! Our McAllen ISD Physical Education programs have attained national and state recognition because we offer many opportunities for our students to become health and physical literate. In an effort to continue to offer a wide range of movement activities, it was time to bring “cardio drumming” into McAllen ISD. The ultimate goal for DrumFIT is to increase student movement with the added value of having fun. The motivation for our students to move is in the music and the choreographed videos that they will enjoy. Students will follow very intentional developmentally appropriate fitness lessons that are set to the latest music. We know that DrumFIT will provide our most-challenging students with different activities, so they can participate with confidence and build self-esteem.

After researching several vendors, we concluded that DrumFIT provided the best on-line curriculum resources, which includes music and instructional videos. Funding came through our Federal Programs which addresses the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Under Title IV funds, all districts can allocate funds to enhance our students toward a “well-rounded” education. Our district allocated over $40,000 to purchase DrumFIT curriculum licenses and equipment for all of our elementary and middle school campuses. This also included professional development for our staff. We recently had our first PD training for our staff and it was fantastic! Our physical education staff is excited with the on-line resources and the abundance of videos and are excited to get started."

A big thank you to Mario and all his dedicated staff at McAllen ISD! We are excited about our new partnership and look forward to teaching kids to love cardio fitness together!

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