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Why You Need H/PE Professional Development

Professional Development workshops are a great way to learn new activities to engage students in the classroom, stay informed and up to date on best practices for teaching and assessment, the role new technology plays in education, and building community and teamwork among staff and co-workers. All of these things are not only essential for providing a well-rounded education to students, but for personal and professional growth for a well-rounded teacher.

DrumFIT is proud to offer two different professional development workshops, one focused on “COGNITIVE, CARDIOVASCULAR, AND COMMUNITY BUILDING ACTIVITIES FOR STUDENT PERFORMANCE” - a hands-on learning experience that engages educators and provides foundational knowledge for implementing cardio drumming in the P.E classroom and beyond! (Learn more about this workshop and preview the course syllabus here) and one focussing on the 'WHOLE CHILD INITIATIVE WITH DRUMFIT' where we explore how cardio-drumming aligns with each of the 5 key points of the whole child approach to learning to promote long-term development and success of all children.

So, how can you get Health & PE Professional Development in your school or district? INSHAPE has provided a great resource to send to your principal to request H/PE Professional Development for your school. You can download the "Justification Letter" template here. The letter explains that Health & PE is an important part of the "Whole Child" initiative and that Professional Development is a great way to "strengthen your contributions to your school's education programs". It's a great way to get the conversation started!


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