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Celebrating 5 Years of Growing Better

  • September 06 th, 2019
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DrumFIT is thrilled to be joining HubSpot’s Inbound ’s 2019 Conference as a featured company that exemplifies the spirit of growing better. The timing could not be better because this is an exciting time for us as we are celebrating our five year anniversary of growing better in the USA!

In the early years of DrumFIT, the primary focus was delivering an innovative fitness program to children by going school to school with instructors. Over the years, we as a company, have made great strides to shape the direction and future of our curriculum and products by incorporating technology to meet this generation of children exactly where they need to be met. We understand that old habits die hard, and that the most effective way to beat childhood obesity in our population is to start early, changing habits from the ground up, by preparing our children to make the right choices—for life. Lifelong healthy habits need to be established early and what better way than to show our kids that moving and getting active can be fun!

Research has shown the influence that school plays in the development of a child’s social emotional intelligence and lifelong learning habits. Thirty years ago, the focus of physical education was to encourage kids to stay active through competitive games (think dodgeball!) and other team sports. While there is certainly a need for this type of skill development, it does not fully prepare our kids for taking care of their personal fitness needs. If you graduate high school and you don’t know how to play football or soccer, you’ll be fine, but if you graduate high school without learning how to take care of your personal fitness needs, then we have a much bigger problem. 

The rising child obesity rate in our country makes Physical Literacy more critical today than ever before. What DrumFIT offers is something vastly different from traditional P.E. curriculums, which while effective for physical health, have not always addressed the whole child - the unique emotional, intellectual, and social needs of every individual student. 

Many of us still have memories of being ‘picked last’ in competitive sports, giving us the impression that we weren’t good at physical activities—or worse yet: Tying a negative experience to physical fitness. DrumFIT is changing that, by putting inclusivity first—and it is the first program for physical educators that addresses the needs of every child in such a holistic, impactful way, both within the classroom (DrumFIT is FUN!) and outside (physical and mental health benefits). 

DrumFIT knows that educators have lacked the resources they needed to effectively teach important physical literacy skills to our nation’s kids. We built out our technology platform to deliver guaranteed viable curriculum. With the use of our lesson planning software and integrated library of over 500 curriculum videos, teachers can deliver the same level and quality of instruction to every class, in every school across the nation.  In schools where there are no specialized P.E. teachers, this is particularly valuable, allowing classroom teachers to use our technology and products to meet all state learning outcomes for physical fitness.

So here we are, five years later, and DrumFIT is making a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of students across the country! We are in over 2500 schools across 43 states and growing better every day!  We are looking forward to not only being featured at #INBOUND2019 next week, but also to continuing our learning so we can continue to grow better.


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