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DrumFIT Classics: Music, Memory & Motion




IMG_7481-1DrumFIT Classics is a form of music movement therapy which uses low-impact exercise with rhythmic components to target high levels of cognitive and motor functions while also increasing heart-rate and blood-flow.  Participants enjoy drumming along to generational music in a fun, social setting which brings groups together in an effort to fight isolation and loneliness while providing an inclusive activity for individuals of all abilities and mobility levels.

IMG_7708DrumFIT Classics routines include a range of instruction from low-mobility/seated up to low-impact/standing. Our comprehensive video library contains a large selection of routines all set to fun, generational music and is available for senior living facilities group classes or single, at-home use.  Accompanying equipment sets are also available for purchase.


Drumming & the Brain

Physical activity and drumming have repeatedly been proven to significantly benefit the older adult, both mentally and physically. The human brain shrinks with age, but recent research shows the brain is capable of remarkable plasticity, even late in life.  Greater amounts of physical activity and brain fitness lead to better brain function and enhanced cognitive function. This process is known as ‘neuroplasticity’ or ‘brain plasticity’.



Certain regions of the human brain are more susceptible to this deterioration with age than others. These areas are the ones which are most related to an individual’s memory and executive functions. The detonation of these functions has multiple negative results, including the causation of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and a limitation in memory function, perception and attention span.  Fortunately, the areas of the brain are also those regions that are most reactive to programs like DrumFIT Classics. There has been significant research conducted into the effectiveness of physical activity, brain fitness activities like drumming and music movement therapy on cognitive function abilities.

A video is worth a thousand words - click on the image below to see DrumFIT Classics in action!

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