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DrumFIT Family Fun: At Home Drum Program!

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We are excited to announce a new program we have been working on this year -

DrumFIT Family Fun - A Home Drum Program!

We know how much you love to drum and we wanted to bring you a program suitable for the whole family to have a blast and stay fit together, right from your own living room! 

In this new program, there are tons of options for kids and families to participate in;

Kids can drum along to fun and engaging age-specific routines, partner routines, games and brain busters! To get the whole family moving to the beat together, choose one of our fun family routines!

Physical activity and academics

Our cardio-drumming routines are designed to engage a child's social and emotional learning skills, perception and attention and are set to current, fun music. Our DrumFITTER's have said that it is so fun, they did not even realize how much exercise they were getting! 

" was fun, engaging, and super-high cardio. We were sweating like crazy!"



DrumFIT Family Fun: A Home Drum Program!

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DrumFIT Family Fun can be done, right from the safety of your own home. We want to make physical activity as accessible to families as possible, so we are currently running a deal on this new program;

FREE 6 MONTH online video subscription
with the purchase of a DrumFIT Kit - currently 15% off! 
That's 15% off your own DrumFIT kit PLUS 6 months of online videos - which means students and families can do DrumFIT Family Fun: At Home, throughout the summer vacation as well! 
  1. Visit the DrumFIT Store.
  2. Select the kit option that best fits your family (single or multiple).
  3. Purchase through the store. 
  4. Receive your unique code and link to access your online video library. 
  5. Receive your DrumFIT kit and GET DRUMMING! 


DrumFIT Family Fun
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