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How Cardio-Drumming Affects a Child's Social Emotional Learning

  • February 06 th, 2020

Social emotional learning (SEL) is a hot topic on the minds of individuals operating in the education field. SEL refers to the development of a child's self-awareness, self-control and their inter-personal skills, which affect their ability to succeed in all areas of life.

Implementing programs to increase a child's social and emotional learning in the early stages of childhood development, results in an increased success rate later in life, and also raises the likelihood that the child will carry this learning through to all aspects of their life. Individuals with solid social and emotional skills are far better equipped to handle challenges accompanying everyday situations, leading to higher achievement rates both academically and professionally while also encouraging more maintainable and beneficial social relationships with peers.

SEL teaches students to be conscientious, assertive, have more effective problem-solving skills and better social stability, to develop both social and working relationships in later life.

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According to Vanessa Vega's article on  Social and Emotional Learning Research on, research has shown that the incorporation of "SEL intervention programs ... for kindergarten students impacted their adult life, and found that these programs led to 10% fewer psychological, behavioral, or substance abuse problems at the age of 25".

The 74 million's website article on how Social Emotional Learning Boosts Students' Scores and Graduation Rates boasts some staggering statistics on the impact SEL programs have on student accomplishments even up to 18 years later. According to their research, students who were exposed to SEL programs early in their development show a 6% increase in high school graduation rates and an 11% increase in college degrees attained in comparison to those who were not exposed.

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DrumFIT physical education curriculum boosts SEL development, through fun, interactive and engaging group drumming routines. DrumFIT promotes self-awareness by promoting recognition of ones own strengths and abilities, while maintaining a non-competitive and inclusive community atmosphere within the group.


Many of DrumFIT's routines focus on teamwork or individual contribution to a group and emphasis generating a positive and empathetic class group. Developing a child's understanding of the importance of social relationships and partnerships enables that child to carry this learned behavior into various aspects of life, including work environments where team participation is key to success.

Not only does DrumFIT's curriculum help children to develop crucial life skills such as self-awareness, teamwork, empathy and the ability to take direction, DrumFit's cardio drumming routines are also designed to increase a child's heart rate and fitness levels, all the while encouraging fun.

Increased fitness activity levels lead to higher endorphins, elevated mood levels, improved cognitive function and reduced stress, all of which contribute to a happy and engaged child.


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