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How Physical Activity Affect's Academic Performance.




It has been proven over and over again that healthy students are better learners. They excel in all areas of academic performance, behavior, cognitive skills and overall attitude. Considering the amount of time that a typical student spends at school, it is understandable that the school's policies on physical activities will have an effect on a child's level of activity.




Schools can and should promote physical education and physical activity within their community. Focusing on healthy eating and physical activity reduces barriers to learning and has a positive impact on a school's overall test scores, higher grades achieved and higher attendance rates maintained - meaning that this healthy mindset is as beneficial to the school and school district, as for the individual student.




A proven method of ensuring a comprehensive school health program, is the implementation of a wellness committee. This board can be comprised of school staff, parents, students and other community members who have an active interest in students health. This group can meet, and develop a school-wide plan to address the current state of wellbeing within the school, and propose changes to address issues that they uncover.




DrumFIT is a leader in providing health and physical education professional development workshops to schools to promote the integral role physical education plays in academic success for children, and on the correlation between cardio-drumming and improved cognitive function.

These are typically a 2 - 3 hour, hands-on learning experience, which engages educators and provides foundational knowledge on how to implement cardio-drumming into your P.E classroom!




If you are interested in participating in a DrumFIT professional development course, click here



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