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Congrats Courtney! Elementary Phys-Ed Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to DrumFIT all-star Teacher, Courtney Perry, for receiving the Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year Award at the recent TAHPERD convention in Fort-Worth, Texas. Courtney[...]

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November Curriculum is HERE!

Our November Play N' Go curriculum is live! Be sure to log in to check out the new routines for k-12!

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DrumFIT at KATY ISD After Hurricane Harvey


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Back To School Sale Extended!

We've had a large number of requests to extend our sale for those schools who were affected by the hurricanes in September. We have decided to extend our UnBEATable Back To School sale for EVERYONE[...]

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October Curriculum is Here!

Our October Play N' Go curriculum is live! Be sure to log in to check out the new routines for k-12!

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Concussion Prevention and Management with Dr. Crawford

Concussions seem to be a frequent topic hitting the news, particularly in the world of professional sports. However, anyone with a brain is susceptible to the injury and should know more about how to[...]

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Coaching, Neuroscience and The Canary Islands

Welcome to Episode 9 of the DrumFIT® Podcast! Today on the Podcast, Diane Crawford from The Voyage Inc. ( The Voyage Inc. is a Global Company, focused on Personal and[...]

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The Benefits of 'Floating'

Welcome to Episode 8 of the DrumFIT® Podcast! Have you heard of 'Floating' or 'Sensory Deprivation'? Today we get the scoop on the benefits of floating with the guys from FlowtKW ([...]

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All About Concussion - Mechanism and Diagnosis

Welcome to the DrumFIT® Podcast, Episode 7, on Concussion Mechanism and Diagnosis with Dr. Jon Crawford. This is part one of a two-part discussion on Concussion. I had the pleasure of sitting down[...]

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Merry Christmas from DrumFIT!

All of us here at DrumFIT are wishing you an awesome, healthy, and Merry Christmas!

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