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That was so much more awesome than I thought!

In the middle of doing one of my DrumDAYs, I had just finished teaching a grade 4 class, one of the girls came up to me and said “that was so much more awesome than I thought! I thought DrumFIT was[...]

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They were so engaged and having a ton of fun

We were drumming at a school and had 50 grade 3’s in one class.  The teachers had been warning us all day that this was a poorly behaved group and we were welcome to make any of them sit out.  They[...]

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The smallest moments have the biggest impact..

I had a great experience yesterday when I was leading one of my special needs groups. I noticed at one point, during one of the songs, that a participant had stopped drumming. She had her arms[...]

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DrumFIT is Magic!

One of my favourite experiences was when we were doing a DrumDAY at a school we had never been before. The teachers had been telling us that they had a student with an intellectual disability, and[...]

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I want to do this everyday, I feel smarter already

Over the years of teaching DrumFIT I have heard many lines such as: “This is better than Christmas”, “This is the best thing ever”, “I want to do this everyday”, I feel smarter already” but my[...]

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