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The Impact of Covid on Children's Health


Just as we as adults are feeling the effects of the pandemic, so too are children. The difference being, as children, they look to us for help. So, what exactly are the effects children may be feeling right now and how can we as adults support them through the recovery phase?

As described by Carpenter (2020), children are suffering from a loss of routine, structure, friendship, opportunity, and freedom. Resulting in feelings of bereavement, developing an attachment to their environment, anxiety, and even trauma.

With thoughts now drawing to our recovery phase and how best we position ourselves to support children in their recovery, here are some first steps to help support those plans:

Building a safe environment

    • Creating a new sense of normality and routine helps to provide a sense of safety.

Creating a sense of Calm

    • Providing emotional containment and PSHE education can bring a sense of calm.

Combat anxiety

    • Providing opportunities for participation and team events, helps to combat feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.


    • Sharing experience, listening to one another, and supporting each other as part of a team can bring a sense of contentedness.

Repairing the attainment gap

    • Providing opportunities for children to take part in repeated experiences of positivity opens cognitive pathways; strengthens resilience, problem solving skills and social bonds over time.
(Fredrickson 2009)



At DrumFIT we designed our program to ensure that we support the wellbeing, physical & social development of young people, all the major things children have been missing out on over the past year. We combine sport and music to improve life skills such as co-ordination, teamwork, communication, and creative problem solving – all whilst having fun and keeping fit and active.

DrumFIT is here to help rebuild physical and emotional stamina in our young people, which is key to a successful recovery curriculum.


Click on the link below to learn more about how DrumFIT can help your school on the road to recovery. 

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~written by Sarah Fagan

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